Ride the Cloud at Lightning Speed

How can you make your computationally intensive application run like lightning on the cloud? Use Cloud Parallel Processing! Some computational tasks are so demanding that a single machine cannot process them within a reasonable amount of time. Applications that leverage massive amounts of data from the Web, a social media network or any other large-scale [...]

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First-class citizens and splendid isolation

Michael Poulin did a review of our SOA Design Patterns book: Thomas Rischbeck says: “The ESB pattern is about performing integration tasks and adding value to client-service communication in an SOA – all completely transparent to the participants”. I would welcome this transparency if it were not based on intelligent routing and data enrichment having its own policies on [...]

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Oracle ADF Powerkurs – 15. Dezember in Bern

Am 15. Dezember findet in Bern ein 1-tägiger Powerkurs zum Thema Oracle ADF Entwicklung statt. Durchgeführt von Frank Nimpius, dem Experten der Oracle für das Thema. Weitere Details und Anmeldung unter:http://www.ipt.ch/veranstaltungen/javaee-applikationsentwicklung/. JavaEE-Applikationsentwicklung Schnell und effizient mit Oracle ADF Am 15. Dezember 2011 in Bern Suchen Sie ein effizientes Framework für die Entwicklung Ihrer Rich-Enterprise-Applications im [...]

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JMS MaxMessage Size – persistent messages

Large JMS Messages in WebLogic Applies to WLS 10.3.5 / OSB 11g - plain vanilla setup, 64bit, 3GB Heap Requirement Send large messages (250MB) across OSB using JMS Transport Background OSB supports streaming mode for HTTP and File-based protocols - which we tested successfully with multi-GB files. However, things are not so straightforward with JMS [...]

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Interactive OSB Testing

Interactive Testing with OSB Test Console Oracle Service Bus has a built-in test console for the interactive testing of OSB artifacts at runtime. It generates synthetic payloads (including security tokens) based on the service description. Note that the test console performs an actual invocation of services - which can have unintended consequences on production systems. Therefore, use [...]

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WebLogic JMS in-flight Message Compression

WebLogic JMS has a feature for compression of in-flight JMS messages. Compression happens between the JMS client library and the JMS server. This avoids bandwidth issues and nasty problems with maximum message size limitations (see http://thomasrischbeck.blogspot.ch/2012/03/jms-maxmessage-size-persistent-messages.html). Dynamic compression can be enabled on the JMS connection factory. Here you specify a threshold in bytes. If the serialized [...]

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McKinsey: Why digital transformation should be a priority for health insurers

McKinsey has a great article on the impact of the digital revolution on the health insurance sector: http://www.mckinsey.com/industries/healthcare-systems-and-services/our-insights/why-digital-transformation-should-be-a-strategic-priority-for-health-insurers (May, 2016) Market Changes in Health Insurance Digital innovation in health insurance can achieve substantial SG&A cost savings (10-15%) decrease medical spending (lower-cost alternative services; customers are the major beneficiaries) drive organizational transformation change the operating model improve [...]

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